Here are some things to help you prepare for your Estate or Moving Sales!

Before we do an Estate/Moving Sale Evaluation.   Family should identify items that will not be included in the Estate/Moving sale.    

 If you have decided you do not want to sell clothing at the Estate sale please leave the  Vintage Clothing, Designer clothes, nice suites and dresses, hats and gloves.  Otherwise just remove personal items.

Remove Medicines.    Please discard any medications from the house.

Items Not to be included in the Estate/Moving sale.  Items the family will be keeping or personal items should be remove from the house.

Bags for Estate/Moving Sale purchases!    We have bags at the check out for purchases. We are doing our part to recycle  shopping bags. Please do not discard the shopping bags found in the house.  We will gladly use them for your Estate / Moving Sale!  Thank you....

Do not Remove things from cabinets and closets.   It is not necessary for you to remove things that will be for sale from cabinets and closets. This will save you loads of time!

Selling items before the Estate or Moving Sale evaluation.    Many people make this horrible mistake! Antique dealers want to get your items for as little as possible! People wanting to consign your items for E-bay do not have your best interests at heart! Please leave these items for us to evaluate. These are the hot items we use for marketing!  And the items that will surely bring people to your sale.

House for Sale by Owner.    If you are going to try and sell your house Buy Owner we will need a contact name and phone number. If you know the asking price this will be helpful.  We do this as a courtesy for our clients.

Car or boat Title:   If you are going to have a car or a boat trailer in the Estate sale we will need the title Title.

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