Call or E-mail us with any questions about  conducted
Estate or Moving Sales!

We Go to your home and give a FREE Estate Sale Evaluation.

Estate Sale evaluations are not sugar coated just to get your business. We offer a fair and honest evaluation of the Home so you can make an informed decision on whether an Estate Sale is the right approach for you!
2 Day Estate / Moving Sales Guaranteed  (Don't settle for one! In some cases we may extend a day or two.)

We also handle Foreclosure Sales with  extreme discretion...

No up front costs. All fees are removed from the Estate / Moving Sale proceeds!   

The house is organized for the Estate or Moving Sales. We bring in tables and also display cases for jewelry and smaller valuables.

Household items are Evaluated & Priced at a fair market Value.
Personal items that are found during the sale setup or the
Sale will be kept in a safe place for you.  You can then determine if you would like to keep them!

Acquire Sale permits when Villages required it.

We send out thousands of E-mails for every   Estate / Moving Sales !  We have a Great following!  

Your Estate Sale is advertised on this Website with pictures & details

We place News paper ads and put  signs up directing people to your  ESTATE or MOVING Sale!

Consignments for auction. We will gladly Place items on e-bay for you. However, we rarely recommend this before the estate sale. We feel this actually hinders the success of your sale. The items that are desirable for
e-bay are the same items that will be used as marketing tools to attract people to your Estate or Moving Sale.  We want you to have a successful Sale! Evaluate this option after your Estate Sale!

Sell your house Buy Owner!  Fliers with a contact person and phone number can be distributed at the Estate sales.  The Sales are big open houses. And often attracts potential buyers. 

If in need of a Real Estate Agent we can recommend some great people!
Nostalgia has your best interests at heart. We concentrate on liquidating your contents and let the Real Estate agents  work their magic Selling your Home.
We work with several different firms so you can be sure there is never a conflict of interest and we are not spreading ourselves too thin.  Our expertise is in Conducting
Estate Sales !

After the
Estate / Moving Sale we will help you to determine the best approach of clearing out the house.  We have a list of clean out services and charities that we can recommend.  And for clients not able or who are out of town we can help coordinate these efforts.

Nostalgia Estate Sales is here to give you Peace Of Mind!

Go to the link below for Helpful tips in getting the house ready for a Conducted Estate or Moving Sales

We also handle Foreclosure Sales with extreme discretion...

We Approach all of our  
Estate Sales
Sensitivity, Honesty & Integrity


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We Conduct
 Estate Sales in the entire Chicago land Area, No. Illinois, So. Wisconsin and No. Indiana

Providing  a Professional and Caring Touch!

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